MC Astro – End Of The World (digital album)


• Original Planned Release Date 2010 – Never Before Released
• Originally Recorded & Mixed by Colin Roy / Poor Vida
• Executive Producer Colin Roy
• Production by DJ Trek, D.A.P., Edgar Blue, EON, Klassick & I-Cue
• Cover Art by Croix & Some Bot
• Mastered By Poor Vida Studios
• 320 MP3 Audio File Download
Hear Snippets and Find It On Streaming Sites

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2024 release of the “should have been” sophomore release from MC Astro on the Poor Vida imprint back in 2010. This album was delayed by nearly 15 years, but is available now on all platforms, including here, where you can own the tracks, and get exclusive artwork not available on any of the streaming sites.

01 – Put Me In The Game (produced by Edgar Blue)
02 – Watch Me Go (produced by Elements of Noise)
03 – I’m Weird (produced by Elements of Noise)
04 – Money Falling ft. Aaron B. Southern (produced by DJ Trek)
05 – Alien Ship (produced by Klassick)
06 – Let’s Get It (produced by DJ Trek)
07 – I’m Real I’m Ill (produced by Edgar Blue)
08 – The Getdown ft. Leo J & MC Etiquette (produced by D.A.P.)
09 – Won’t Drive Me Crazy (produced by I-Cue)
10 – In This World (produced by Edgar Blue)
11 – End Of The World (produced by I-Cue)
12 – That’s A Wrap (produced by D.A.P.)


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