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MC Astro is a Texas based drum and bass and hip hop MC, with releases spanning more than a decade. One of the best freestyle MC’s currently gracing stages from coast to coast, MC Astro can hold down the mic in any environment and alongside the biggest name DJ’s, and has done so many times.
Meet MC Astro

MC Astro

The original alien, MC Astro is currently in the thick of a prolific series of releases. Astro has been performing across the nation since the late 90’s, and has established himself as the go to MC for all stateside drum and bass. See what he’s up to and get to know the resident alien with the links below. Check out the Videos page, and the Photos page, and don’t forget to book MC Astro for the next DnB show in your area.

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V Recordings Artist

"The man's not just holding it down for Dallas, but for the whole state of Texas... Longtime friend, inspiration and definitely one of the premiere DnB MC's in the states. Big salute to Astro and everything he does.

KC - DnB Producer



"Astro is a beast. He has nailed the vibe on every beat I have sent his way, and his ability to capture a vibe is spot on."

Mike Ragga-Scum

Mike Ragga-Scum

Boomslang Label Owner

"MC Astro is a true maestro on the microphone, effortlessly weaving his lyrical prowess into every track he touches. His magnetic stage presence and undeniable charisma have consistently captivated audiences worldwide. In the recording studio, MC Astro's creative genius shines through, making him an invaluable asset to Boomslang Recordings, where his talent elevates every project to new heights."

  • V Recordings
  • Sound Deep Recordings
  • Natty Dub Recordings
  • PHDM
  • Boomslang Recordings
  • Beats In Mind
  • Guesthouse Music
  • Weapons Of Choice Recordings
  • Fokuz Recordings
  • Liquid Flavors Records

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