El Rey Mezzanine & 505 Junglists put out a little promo for the upcoming Albuquerque New Mexico show with MC Astro and Tom B Ill – check it out, and don’t miss the show coming up quick on September 22nd.

Alright ABQ!!! 505 Junglists are beyond excited to bring you another wicked curation of DnB artists. Representing the east coast, Tom B ILL will be dishing out his skillful mixture of in your face drum n bass with spectacular, defined scratches.

MC Astro with Tom B Ill in New Mexico

For 4 decades of life, Tom B ILL has lived and breathed drum n bass. After getting his start at the infamous Municipal Cafe in Hartford, Tom’s high energy sets, precision mixing, & usage of the turntable as an instrument of scratching were immediately recognized. Through a constant output of highly skilled mixes, he became a staple on drum n bass line ups all over the North East.

Tom left New England in 2016. After a stint in Denver, the Bay Area became his second home. There, he joined up with the Church Drum & Bass camp & has frequently displayed his skills at the highly respected night, Stamina.

Now, Tom resides in NYC. His DJing has matured to match his experience both in life & behind the decks. After 25 years, Tom is in peak demand, respected as one of the country’s most talented & hard working Drum and Bass DJs. This consistent drive to push the limits of DJing & never stopping for anything has put him on line ups with some of the worlds originators & most talented DJs & MC’s including A-Sides, Edward Oberon,TC Islam, Dara, AK-1200, DJ ODI, Dj Rap, Dieselboy, J Smooth, DB, Dj Craze, Freaky Flow, Donald Glaude, Doc Scott, LTJ Bukem, Dave Owen & Flaco as well as recently playing with the World of Drum & Bass tour in NYC. Tom’s life-long dedication to the art form continues to perpetually push the culture forward!

Representing the Southwest, we are thrilled to bring you MC Astro!! MC Astro has been representing the Dallas Drum and Bass scene across the US for almost 25 years. Born in Minnesota and raised in Dallas, his skills in laying down rhyme over rhythm have put him on the map as one of the finest MCs this side of the pond.

MC Astro got his earliest Drum and Bass influences in the 90s from the likes of Roni Size, DJ Spooky, and Goldie. Only later in his career, as the powerhouse MC, to share the stage with Goldie on three separate occasions. A dramatic progression from the young MC spittin lines over local legends in the corners of the notorious Dallas Xeno and Decibel Parties, to laying lines over some of the biggest names in dnb including DB, Dillinja, Bad Company, Benny Page, Bryan Gee, Concord Dawn, SS, Spinscott, KC, Dara, AK1200, and Liquid Stranger. MC Astro lives the underground but will bring it with a quickness to whatever level the occasion warrants.

Further than being solely a stage presence, MC Astro is a solid contributor to the Drum and Bass culture through numerous track productions in collaboration with Satl, Cnof, KC, Command stranger remix, IQ, Track, Alpha Rhythm, Human Nature, J:Logic, and Oliver Ferrer. You can find his tracks across numerous labels such as V Recordings, Focuz Recordings, Soul Deep, Headsbass, Beats in Mind, In Stereo, and Weapons of Choice Recordings. Catch the Winslow remix of Alpha Rhythm & HumaNature ft. MC Astro ‘Correct The Vibe.’

Astro isn’t stopping there. He keeps pushing the envelope of gabbin the gift while reppin his new crew Repercussions DTX DNB. Catch him with new releases in collaboration with Justin Augustus, Pyxis, and Diligent Fingers in the next year! Prepare yourself people!

505 Junglist resident Markhyphen will be dropping a birthday set to directly support his boys Tom B ILL and MC Astro. This is a two fold reunion with his old homies. Definitely going to be a night to remember! Making his mark in ABQ, Markhyphen is known for his big blends of dark and gritty, in-your-face drum and bass beats with ravy hardcore, female vocalists for the perfect mixture of filth and beauty with a non-stop drive. Markhyphen is going to get you setup right for the realz coming to you by Tom B ILL and MC Astro!

Also on the 505 resident roster, Madmoune will be bringing you his dark and gritty mixing style. Always inspired by drum n bass Neurofunk & early root tracks, Madmoune will get your body moving & ready for a solid night of action on the dance floor.

Opening up the night and coming in hot, DJ and producer Danky! Danky was born and raised in California surrounded by a family full of musicians. Danky’s initial forays into music production found her exploring the nuances of HipHop, Juke, and Future Beats; but it was only when she began to try her hand at Jungle and Drum & Bass that her passion for the craft truly began to blossom. Danky has carved a place for herself within the thriving underground scene of electronic dance music where she can flex her own her eclectic and undeniable groovy style of DnB that takes slivers and echoes from every other genre of music that has moved her to this point. Danky’s wide ranging style of Dnb & neurofunk hits all the right notes for all the right people. Danky always makes you feel the groove with dem basslines!

Our resident host JAYZO G MC is cooking up something special & hyped to Co-Host this not to be missed REWIND with MC ASTRO its gonna be party vibes all through the night!!

Eyelok on visuals.
Carlos B on flyer design.

El Rey Mezzanine.
Friday September 22nd. 9pm to Close.
Cover at door. 21 plus.

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